Setting up a PHP environment #2

Hello again, Just thought I would mention that there is a easier way of creating a PHP testing/development environment than the previous tutorial I wrote( This one is windows ONLY tho. But its… Continue reading

Where to start with hacking

There are three types of hackers: White Hats: The White Hat hacker has dedicated himself to fight malware and help others with their computer problems. He is a person you can trust, and… Continue reading

[Java snippet] CLI animated progress bar

This little code snippet might come in handy for command line tools that need to show a progress. It uses carriage return character (/r) to move the cursor back to the beginning of… Continue reading

Starting PHP scripting

Setting up a PHP environment Tutorial by ande for EvilzoneContents _ 0x00 – PHP 0x01 – Software 0x02 – Starting PHP scripting 0x00 – PHP PHP – A script language used for various tasks, but mostly known for its use… Continue reading

Learning C++

Ok first off I would like to say that I DID NOT WRITE THIS However I found it in some OLD backups of disks I’ve found and thought I would share this. This is a… Continue reading

Get Free Skype Credit of 1.02 EURO & call for 1 hours

  Get Free Skype Credit of 1.02 EURO, it can be use to international call upto 1 hours, this tricks is very easy , Hotspot shield banner provide you the voucher for skpye credit and you can… Continue reading

5 Things To Do When Your Facebook Account Was Hacked

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How To Edit Comments In Facebook?

Sometimes while commenting on someone’s Facebook picture or status, we write something wrong like spelling mistakes or something else & then delete that comments & post it again. Few of Facebook users know that we can edit… Continue reading

How To Recover Your Disabled Facebook Account?

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How To Permanently Delete Facebook Messages From Archive?

Hello friends! Some among you don’t wanna to keep their facebook messages history saved. Mostly users put their chat history to archived, but it would not delete your entire conversation. Archiving a conversation… Continue reading